Property Maintenance Board

The City Manager may delegate his/her enforcement authority to a Property Maintenance Official.

Brad Koranda is the City's lead building inspector. Brad and/or Scott Wirth are available by reaching City Hall at 563-652-2484 or [email protected].

The Property Maintenance Board was created and established as an advisory committee consisting of five members, citizens, and residents of the City, who are appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the City Council. 

The term of the five persons to be appointed by the Mayor shall be three years, except that the term of two of the members appointed to the first committee shall be for only one year and the term of two members of the first committee shall be for two years.

The City Manager, or his/ or her designated Property Maintenance Official, may, in his or her discretion, consult with the advisory committee concerning potential violations of this chapter.  The advisory committee may make non-binding recommendations to the City Manager or the Property Maintenance Official concerning enforcement of this chapter.  However, the City Manager or designated Property Maintenance Official shall retain sole responsibility for the enforcement.

  • 5 member board
  • 3 year terms
  • Mayor appointment

Board Members

Name Title
Barb Schroeder Chair
Pat Walke Member
Steve Gisel Member
Ginger Bennett Member
Christopher Ihrig Member